Western Heritage Center in Prescott Presents Phil Spangenberger

Phil Spangenberger has served as True West magazine’s Firearms Editor since 2003 and was a Feature and Black Powder Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine for nearly 40 years. He also had an active career in as a producer and performer in Wild West shows and worked in the film industry as a technical advisor and


Event at Prescott Public Library – The Verde River: Aorta of the Mogollon Highlands

Join Bob Ellis, Executive Director of the Natural History Institute, as he describes the natural history and importance of the Verde River and the unique qualities of the Mogollon Highlands ecoregion. Bob is a long-time educator with over thirty years of teaching experience in the Southwest. He is Emeritus Faculty at Prescott College where he


Creationists To Discuss Science and the Bible

The  Prescott chapter of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA)  has  announced that Jay Seegert,  nationally recognized speaker on Creation Science will give a talk on the scientific evidence for creation at the next AzOSA  meeting on Sunday  afternoon, November 8th. Mr. Seegert will address the question of belief  in the Biblical account of creation and other events

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