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Arizona State Senate LD-1 Race Decided

The unofficial final results in the Arizona State Senate LD-1 race are in. Ken Bennett has won by 256 votes over Steve Zipperman. Technically this result is unofficial until the Yavapai County Board of Supervisor does a canvass of the results on Monday. However, all votes have been counted. There have no changes in the

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Senate race: Votes still coming in

As of 7 pm, August 9th, the Secretary of State’s website is reporting that Ken Bennett is now ahead by 256 votes. Ken Bennett           28,357 votes    50.2% Steve Zipperman    28,101 votes    49.8% We will continue to monitor this race.

Arizona Senate race

Arizona Senate race for LD-1 Still Undecided

As of Saturday evening, at 7:57 pm, the Senate LD-1 race between Kem Bennett and Steve Zipperman is still undecided. Mr. Bennett is ahead by 241 votes, as Mr. Zipperman has picked up 65 votes. Ken Bennett              28,140    50.22% Steve Zipperman      27.899    49.78% No counting


Race for Arizona State Senate in LD-1 still Undecided

As of 8 pm Friday evening, August 5, 2022, the Secretary of State’s office showed Ken Bennett with 26,119 votes (50.30%) and his opponent, Steve Zipperman at 25,810 votes (49.70%). Bennett is ahead by 309 votes. There appears to be votes trickling in, so Prescott eNews will keep on top of this race.

Arizona State Legislature

Rep Judy Burges Lauds Enactment of Legislation She Sponsored to Improve Rural Ambulance Services & Protect Rights of Parents to Make Health Care Decisions for Children

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay State Representative Judy Burges lauded the recent enactment of two important bills that she sponsored in the legislative session – one to improve ambulance services and response times for people in rural areas and another to protect the rights of Arizona parents to make health care decisions for their

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Interview with Ken Bennett, candidate for Arizona State Senate, LD-1

Guest host, Prescott Mayor Phil Goode interviews Ken Bennett, candidate for Arizona State Senate (Legislative District 1), about the allegations being made about Mr. Bennett’s political career by his opponent. Ken takes each accusation and explains what the truth actually is. Ken discusses his role in the Arizona audit, and points out that he has

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