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World Turned Upside Down – Buz Blog

“No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.” – Mark Twain Who would have thought, at the turn of the century, that there would be people in the media, academia and elected or appointive officials who would state and promote such idiocy as they are pushing today? Back then, if a man had said that

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Confession of a MAGA Conservative – Buz Blog

There are a lot of people, many having a history of conservative voting and views, who claim that they are either reluctant or never will vote for Donald Trump. Many of these people don’t like what Trump says or puts out on social media. Anyone who votes on the basis of what any politician states,


Opinion: To Protect and Destroy – John Stossel

What happens when police, trying to catch a bad guy, destroy your house? This happens surprisingly often. In my new video, Los Angeles print shop owner Carlos Pena describes how a man running from police knocked him to the ground and then ran inside his shop. “I didn’t know what was going on until I

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