Opinion: Schools Must Regain the Trust of Parents – Inside Sources

“We, as parents, refuse to be plunged into chaos due to the incompetence and lack of planning.”  Keri Rodrigues — my friend, colleague, a partner in fighting for education justice, and founder of the organization I am proud to represent — captured precisely what millions of families were thinking as kids headed back to school.


As Texas draws its maps, Latinos push for political power

As a Dallas County commissioner, Elba Garcia represents some 670,000 people — nearly the population of a congressional district. The majority of her constituents are Latino and live in the fast-growing suburbs west of Dallas, where they share worries about managing growth, schools and access to health care. Garcia is the area’s voice on the


California voters: Less Republican and white than in 2003

It’s a familiar refrain among California’s recall watchers: 2021 is not 2003. Yes, the state again is in the middle of a recall election that could remove the Democratic governor from office. But today’s California electorate looks far different than it did 18 years ago: It’s less Republican, more Latino and Asian, and younger —

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