James Webb Space Telescope


New space telescope shows Jupiter’s auroras, tiny moons – Associated Press

The world’s newest and biggest space telescope is showing Jupiter as never before, auroras and all. Scientists released the shots Monday of the solar system’s biggest planet. The James Webb Space Telescope took the photos in July, capturing unprecedented views of Jupiter’s northern and southern lights, and swirling polar haze. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a


Far out: NASA space telescope’s 1st cosmic view goes deep – Associated Press

Photo: This image provided by NASA on Monday, July 11, 2022, shows galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope Our view of the universe just expanded: The first image from NASA’s new space telescope unveiled Monday is brimming with galaxies and offers the deepest look of the cosmos ever captured. The


ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration to Host NASA Webb Telescope’s First Images

On Tuesday July 12, NASA will unveil the first images from the new James Webb Space Telescope. With more than six times the light-gathering power of the Hubble Telescope, scientists believe the Webb telescope will deliver vivid new views of the universe and important new discoveries. Rogier Windhorst, Regents Professor with the School of Earth


New space telescope reaches final stop million miles out

The world’s biggest, most powerful space telescope arrived at its observation post 1 million miles from Earth on Monday, a month after it lifted off on a quest to behold the dawn of the universe. On command, the James Webb Space Telescope fired its rocket thrusters for nearly five minutes to go into orbit around


Space telescope’s ‘golden eye’ opens, last major hurdle

NASA’s new space telescope opened its huge, gold-plated, flower-shaped mirror Saturday, the final step in the observatory’s dramatic unfurling. The last portion of the 21-foot (6.5-meter) mirror swung into place at flight controllers’ command, completing the unfolding of the James Webb Space Telescope. “I’m emotional about it. What an amazing milestone. We see that beautiful

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