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Ukraine Invasion

Russians shell city near Europe’s largest nuclear plant – Associated Press

Russian forces shelled a Ukrainian city close to Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant Thursday, reinforcing warnings from the U.N. nuclear chief that the fighting around the site could lead to a disastrous accident. Dnipropetrovsk’s regional governor said Russia fired 60 rockets at Nikopol, across the Dnieper River from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which has been

Ukraine Invasion

Russia says strike on Ukrainian port hit military targets – Associated Press

In this photo provided by the Odesa City Hall Press Office, firefighters put out a fire in the port after a Russian missiles attack in Odesa, Ukraine Russian defense officials insisted Sunday that an airstrike on the Ukrainian port of Odesa hit only military targets, but the attack tested an agreement on resuming grain shipments

Ukraine Invasion

Ukrainian defenders dig in as Russia boosts firepower

Photo: Cemetery workers remove a body from a mass grave, for identification in a morgue, in Bucha As Ukrainian forces dug in on Sunday, Russia lined up more firepower and tapped a decorated general to take centralized control of the war ahead of a potentially decisive showdown in eastern Ukraine that could start within days.

Ukraine Invasion

Russia slow to win Ukraine’s airspace, limiting war gains

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers take position on a bridge inside the city of Kyiv, Ukraine In war, winning quick control of airspace is crucial. Russia’s failure to do so in Ukraine, despite its vast military strength, has been a surprise and may help explain how Ukraine has so far prevented a rout. The standoff in the

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