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Deadline Coming Up for Tax Year 2019 Filing Extension

The due dates for the 2019 calendar year returns filed with extensions is almost here.  Individual income taxpayers who received a calendar year filing extension, and have not yet filed a return, have until the IRS shutdown to submit their e-filed individual income tax returns. The filing extension provides an additional six months to file the


Despite claims of pro-Prop. 208 campaign, small businesses must still pay income taxes

Confounding small business advocates and tax policy experts, Proposition 208 proponents this week trotted out a bizarre claim, saying, “it’s legally impossible for any business to be taxed under Proposition 208,” and “under Proposition 208, small business owners will not pay one cent more in additional taxes.” [source] [source] [source] Arizona small business advocates and


Arizona small business community opposes Proposition 208 income tax increase

Arizona’s leading advocates for the small business community are strongly opposing Proposition 208, an initiative to raise the state’s top individual income tax rate by 77.7%. If the measure passes, they say, it could mean lasting damage to the backbone of the Arizona economy and severely hobble post-pandemic recovery efforts.   Most small businesses typically are organized as pass-through entities,

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