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New pro-Prop. 208 ad again fails to disclose huge tax increase, impact on small business

Proponents of Proposition 208 released their third television ad on Tuesday and, just like their first two ads, the latest ad says nothing about the initiative’s central provision: a 77.7% income tax increase.  “Proponents of Proposition 208 are 0 for 3 when it comes to telling Arizona exactly what their initiative does,” No On Prop. 208 Chairman


Former State Superintendent of Education Gives Prop. 208 Failing Grade

The No on Proposition 208 campaign released its second television ad today, and it includes the perspective of a respected voice from the education community.    The ad features Jaime Molera, the former Arizona state superintendent for public instruction and who was twice the president of the state Board of Education.  In the ad, Molera says Proposition

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