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Border crisis

Senators visit Arizona, Texas border in search for solutions – Associated Press

Photo: U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., introduces Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to those gathered inside the conference room at Regional Center for Border Health in Somerton, Ariz., Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023, about issues at the U.S.-Mexico border in the Yuma region. (Randy Hoeft/The Yuma Sun via AP) Politicians, tribal leaders and the head of a


Biden toughens border, offers legal path for 30,000 a month – Associated Press

Photo: Haitian migrants who hope to apply for asylum in the U.S. wait to register their names on a list made by a religious organization in Reynosa, Mexico, Dec. 21, 2022, on the other side of the border with McAllen, Texas President Joe Biden said Thursday the U.S. would immediately begin turning away Cubans, Haitians

Michelle Malkin

Opinion: Thank You, Tom Tancredo – Michelle Malkin

Tom Tancredo is fighting cancer. If you are a believer in God and country, please join me in prayer for a dear friend, mentor and patriot. While I cannot offer any comfort from his physical pain and suffering, I will do what I can with my words to lift up his indomitable spirit. Three modern


Opinion: Is Joe Biden Dismantling American Border Security?

President Joe Biden has long made it clear he intends for immigration reform to be a top priority of his administration. On his first day in office, he signed a stack of executive actions designed to dismantle the Trump administration’s immigration policy and institute new priorities. He ended construction of the border wall, imposed a