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Opinion: The Economic Consequences of Jerome Powell – Inside Sources

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is desperately trying to salvage his tarnished reputation for allowing inflation to surge to a 40-year high. However, Powell appears to be engaging in monetary policy overkill in his newfound zeal to slay the inflation dragon he helped create. That could leave him with the unenviable legacy of first allowing


Opinion: There Is No Miracle Cure for Inflation – Inside Sources

To say that the Federal Reserve is between a rock and a hard place is an understatement. Markets want a halt to inflation, but they don’t want a full-fledged recession or sustained drop in economic activity. Households and consumers want their dollars to stretch further and not be short-circuited by price increases in things they


Fed attacks inflation with another big hike and expects more – Associated Press

Photo: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell speaks at a news conference Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022 Intensifying its fight against high inflation, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate Wednesday by a substantial three-quarters of a point for a third straight time and signaled more large rate hikes to come — an aggressive pace that


Opinion: Despite Recent Headlines, the Housing Boom is Unlikely to End Anytime Soon

After a year of strong performances, recent data on the housing market have turned people’s expectations upside-down. According to the Census Bureau, new home sales in July were down 28 percent from their peak earlier this year, while the National Association of Realtors (NAR) had reported on four consecutive months of declines in existing home sales (EHS) before

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