Need rescue? Hikers lost or requiring supplies can find help from satellite communication device

Arizona is not just a desert. The state boasts six national forests, tied for the ninth-most for any state in the country. Approximately 15 percent of the state’s land is designated as forest, including the largest ponderosa pine forest in North America. Mountainous grassland and chaparral in the state’s “transition zone” separates the true desert and the woods, creating a paradox


Visitors Asked to Help Prevent Damage to Roads and Trails after Wet Weather

The Prescott National Forest (Prescott NF) asks our visitors to help prevent damage to roads and trails.  Recent snow events are advantageous for vegetation health, fuel moisture, and wildlife habitat. It is also allowing the much-needed recharge of soil moisture.  However, these super saturated soils are extremely sensitive at this time and vulnerable to irreversible

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