HOLY COW! HISTORY: A Civil War Doctor and a TV Dinner Favorite – Inside Sources

The doctor had a serious problem. And he had a pretty good idea why it was happening. Diarrhea was running rampant among Union Civil War soldiers. It was more than the temporary discomfort we know today. Treating it was a major challenge. Pepto-Bismol and similar drugs wouldn’t hit the market for decades. But the disease


Arizonans have the 12th best levels of lung health in America (study)

Study ranks locations based on smoking rates and pollution levels over 5 years Yavapai county emerged in position #1; Pinal came last The Lung Institute, a source for pulmonary information for better lung health, including disease prevention and management, commissioned a national study to establish a ranking of lung health across America, over a five-year

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Manchin, Schumer in surprise deal on health, energy, taxes – Associated Press

In a startling turnabout, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin announced an expansive agreement Wednesday that had eluded them for months addressing health care and climate, raising taxes on high earners and corporations and reducing federal debt. The two Democrats said the Senate would vote on the wide-ranging measure next week, setting


Spring forward into fitness at a Prescott health & wellness expo

The beginning of the spring season brings a sense of renewal and energy. To celebrate this, Prescott residents ages 50+ are invited to attend a Health & Wellness Expo at Touchmark Health & Fitness Club.  Spanning three days, the no-cost wellness fair offers a variety of fitness and nutrition events including exercise classes, outdoor hikes,


IQ Differences in the American States

(This article was originally published in November of 2010.) As has been widely reported, the demographic changes set in motion by the immigration reform of 1965 are reducing whites to a minority in the United States. The proportion of whites is not, however, changing at the same rate in all regions, which means that while


Facebook parent Meta to remove sensitive ad categories

Facebook’s parent company Meta says it will remove sensitive ad targeting options related to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation beginning on Jan. 19. Currently, advertisers can target people who have expressed interest in issues, public figures or organizations connected to these topics. That information comes from tracking user activity on