City Charter Propositions

City of Prescott Charter Amendments – Prop 461 thru Prop 473

Arguments for and against due August 4 for November Ballot Arguments for and against the proposed City Charter Amendments that will appear on the November 7th General Election ballot are due to the City Clerk’s Office by August 4th. At their June 27, 2023 Voting Meeting, Council adopted Ordinance No. 2023-1833 and Resolution No. 2023-1852,


Mask disputes, outbreaks make for rocky start of school year

The summer surge of the highly infectious delta variant of the coronavirus made for a disruptive start of the school year in many parts of the country Monday as hundreds of thousands of children returned to classrooms and parents, administrators and governors clashed over whether masks should be required. Confusion reigned in several Texas school


Opinion – A Teacher’s Perspective: What Education Sec. Miguel Cardona Should Focus on First

Fulfilling Pres. Joe Biden’s pledge to reopen schools will be the biggest challenge and test for Miguel Cardona, the new education secretary. Tensions between educators, parents, and local officials are escalating across the United States as schools attempt to resume in-person classes. Cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia are braced for protests, strikes,


Ducey back-to-school order leaves educators shocked, scrambling, upset

Educators across the state  last week were calling Gov. Doug Ducey’s surprise back-to-school order disruptive, challenging and frustrating, a last-minute complication to reopening plans that many schools already had in the works. School officials, from the state level on down, said they were given little notice before Ducey’s announcement on Wednesday and are now scrambling

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