Arizona Groundwater Explained

News of drought and climate change impacts on Arizona’s water supplies has become more alarming with the release of each new study. To prepare for a drier future, Arizona will need an informed public. For help in understanding the state’s water management situation, a brief new reference work is now available from the University of


Prescott Active Management Area – 4th Management Plan

Since 1980 with passage of the Groundwater Management Act, communities in central Yavapai County and the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) have dedicated thousands of hours and millions of dollars to manage groundwater resources in the Prescott Active Management Area (PrAMA). The PrAMA, established with passage of the Act, includes the City of Prescott;


Prescott Active Management Area

Established with passage of the 1980 Groundwater Management Act (GMA), the Prescott Active Management Area (PrAMA) is one of five areas in the State of Arizona that were identified as being heavily reliant on groundwater use to support residential and economic growth. A 485 square mile area in central Yavapai County, the PrAMA encompasses the

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