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Governing Board

Chino Valley Schools

McGill offered HMS Principal position – Chino Valley Unified School District

Photo: Kaitlin McGill Following an extensive search by Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) staff, Kaitlin McGill has been offered the position as Principal at Heritage Middle School (HMS). The next step in the process is presentation of the offer to the CVUSD Governing Board for approval at its next meeting, Monday, April 10, 2023,

Prescott Talks

Tim Carter’s Long Shadow—An Appreciation

  Public education has never been more controversial. As the makeup of our society changes, the quiet consensus about what should be taught in public schools, who should run them and how they should be funded is breaking down.  School board elections are now hotly contested. Angry factions have started to turn  up at school board meetings


PUSD Candidate Brooks Compton Offers School Solutions – Citizens Tax Committee

The Citizens Tax Committee (CTC) has announced they will host PUSD School Governing Board Candidate, Brooks Compton, at their next monthly meeting, Wednesday afternoon, September 14, 2022, 1:30pm at the Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center, 1280 Rosser Street, in Prescott.  Mr. Compton will be joined by Prescott eNews columnist, Buz Williams. The Citizens Tax Committee

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Interview with Brooks Compton – Solutions

Brooks Compton is running for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board, in Prescott, Arizona. In this second interview, Buz Williams and Brooks discuss solutions for the problems that Brooks mentioned in the first interview, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in the schools, and the lack of communication with parents.

Buz Blog

Opinion: Why School Board Elections Are So Important – Buz Williams

Many people, maybe a majority of voters, don’t vote in School Governing Board elections. In the Tri-City area, with all our retirees, many of them may think that since none of their children or grandkids attend local schools, school board decisions don’t effect them. Those who feel this way are greatly mistaken. First, since a

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