Girl Scouts


A Prescott Girl Scout Troop Rallies to Bring Joy to 170 Local Foster Children

PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT BACK Abbey Flood, Emma WIthey, Khyla Cosgrove, Hayden Ballou, Sasha SIregar, Emmalyn Hilton, Sadie VIckerman, Mila Krupke MIDDLE Gracie Burgoyne, Hayden Barnes, Lucia Glennan, Sadie Hardeman, Emily Eason, Althea Mattson FRONT Teslin Turner, Savannah Cosgrove, Savannah Schwartz, Avery Hyland, Hailey Baxter, Dylan Ward Imagine you’re a minor being taken away from


Girl Scouts rebuke Boy Scouts in escalating recruitment war

The Girl Scouts are in a “highly damaging” recruitment war with the Boy Scouts after the latter opened its core services to girls, leading to marketplace confusion and some girls unwittingly joining the Boy Scouts, lawyers for the century-old Girl Scouts organization claim in court papers. The competition, more conjecture than reality two years ago,

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