gender affirmation


Trans kids fear Alabama laws targeting medicine, bathrooms

Photo: In a photo provided by Jeff Walker, 15-year-old Harleigh Walker of Auburn, Ala., is seen during a family vacation Ninth grader Harleigh Walker, 15, spends her time after school like many girls her age: doing homework, listening to Taylor Swift, collecting records and hanging out with friends. But this year, her spring break also


Attorneys waive fees to prepare name-change petitions for LGBTQ+ community

In the Zoom window, Odele Pax looks small, contained. Her boisterous laugh and candor belie her many mentions of how nervous she is. Pax holds back tears as she talks about her journey toward gender affirmation. “There are no words to describe how liberating it feels, you know, that, finally, I not only know who

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