Full Retirement Age

Social Security and You

Delayed Retirement Credits Explained – Social Security

People who delay starting their Social Security beyond their full retirement age get a bonus equal to two-thirds of 1% added to their Social Security checks for each month they wait to begin benefits. If your full retirement age is 66, that comes out to a 32% bonus if you wait until age 70 to

Social Security and You

Another Misleading Headline – Social Security and You

I don’t know how you folks get by without being scared out of your wits by misleading Social Security stories you read in newspapers or see online. Because I know the subject so well and because I can decipher the confusing and sometimes scary Social Security-related muck that’s out there, it doesn’t bother me. But

Social Security and You

Nothing That Special About Age 70 – Social Security

Image by Moshe Harosh from Pixabay I wrote a recent column in which I pointed out that waiting until 70 to start your Social Security, which is the mantra of almost everyone who is trying to “maximize” their retirement benefit, is not always the smartest move. But still many people insist on waiting until that

Social Security and You

Happy Birthday to Me – Tom Margenau

I’m submitting this column to the newspapers on my birthday. I was born June 22, 1949. That makes me 73 years old. And I’m kind of surprised I made it this far. Why? Because I didn’t inherit the best of genes. My dad died at the age of 47. He had six brothers. And of

Social Security and You

Sometimes Waiting Until 70 Doesn’t Make Sense

Image by Kim Heimbuch from Pixabay Older adults across the country are bombarded with invitations to attend seminars that allegedly will clue them in on a supposed “secret” to maximizing their Social Security benefits. Well, if you’re one of those folks, I can save you the trouble of getting out of the house and traipsing

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