Dining Out

Jamba® and Cinnabon® Opening New Location in Prescott, AZ

Jamba®, the global lifestyle brand that serves freshly blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, made-to-order bowls, fresh-squeezed juices and shots, and boosts and bites, and Cinnabon®, purveyors of world-famous cinnamon rolls, will open their doors together under one roof in Prescott at 351 N Montezuma St. at 7 a.m. on Monday, September 13. Guests can come in store to


Brain Gains: 7 Foods to Boost Kids’ Academic Performance

Fact is, all the books, tablets, and notepads kids use for studying are useless if their brains are not in top functioning form. There are certain nutrients that are crucial for their brain development, and better brain development means better brain function, memory, and concentration—all of which contribute to better academic performance. To keep your

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

When is Fruit Ready to Pick?

Most tree fruits release a sweet scent into the air when their fruits are ready to taste, but even so, it’s tough to gauge the exact moment of peak ripeness. Times will vary year by year, and different varieties will “come in” at different times. Here, by fruit variety, are a few signs that indicate

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