Gas Prices

Why Is Gas So Expensive? – Rep. Paul Gosar

It’s not Putin.  It’s not Trump.  It’s not “greedy” oil companies. If you have heard those excuses you were listening to Jen Psaki or CNN, both known liars and spreaders of disinformation. Here is the truth:  In February 2020, Joe Biden said this during a Democrat presidential debate with Bernie Sanders:  “No more subsidies for fossil

Biden Administration

Critics grill Haaland; backers point to historic nature of nomination

Republican senators tried to pin down Rep. Deb Haaland at a hearing Tuesday on her nomination to be the next Interior secretary, pushing her on fossil fuels and the job losses they said would come from President Joe Biden’s proposed energy policies. But Democrats at the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing focused mostly


Republicans Say Biden Will Face a ‘Steel Curtain’ in Pennsylvania

The Trump campaign is prepping a targeted, Pennsylvania attack on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over their opposition to fracking for natural gas. Many political analysts believe Pennsylvania is one of the most-flip states for Democrats if they hope to unseat President Trump. During a call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, Trump Victory marshaled five Pennsylvania

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