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As Biden weighs Willow, he blocks other Alaska oil drilling – Associated Press

As President Joe Biden prepares a final decision on the huge Willow oil project in Alaska, his administration announced he will prevent or limit oil drilling in 16 million acres in Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. Plans announced Sunday night will bar drilling in nearly 3 million acres of the Beaufort Sea — closing it


Study: Enough rare earth minerals to fuel green energy shift – Associated Press

The world has enough rare earth minerals and other critical raw materials to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy to produce electricity and limit global warming, according to a new study that counters concerns about the supply of such minerals. With a push to get more electricity from solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric and


Opinion: We Are Creating Our Own Electricity Crisis – Inside Sources

There’s growing alarm that the top-down push for America to transition to renewable energy is surgically dismantling our existing electrical grid and its capacity to provide reliable power when needed. Blackouts in California and Texas weren’t anomalies. As one energy regulator warned, there should have been a national wakeup call for a system in crisis. From


Opinion: New Year Faces Old Problems- Inside Sources

There are no new years, just new dates. As the old year flees, I always have the feeling that it is doing so too fast, that I haven’t finished with it, even though the same troubles are in store on the first day of the new year. Many things are hanging over the world during

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How plants, volunteers will help NAU computer model estimate fossil fuel emissions

Could the plants growing along roadsides and between buildings in Flagstaff help reveal where fossil fuel emissions are highest and lowest in the city? A team of NAU researchers thinks so. As part of a new $25M award from the U.S. Department of Energy to build a statewide Integrated Field Laboratory to study extreme heat,