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Opinion: Stop Looting

“The only reward for putting up with craziness is more craziness.” Thomas Sowell In San Francisco, in 1851, and again in 1856, Vigilante Committees were formed and dispensed a crude form of justice. The 1851 committee was formed because the city had grown from a small village of eight or nine hundred to over 20,000 in just


Opinion: Besieged by the Most Left-Wing Democratic Party in History, Americans Must Fight Back

American freedom is under assault. From inept White House leadership to a radical congressional agenda and an emboldened federal bureaucracy, never before have the tenets of America’s founding—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—been so fundamentally besieged by the left. Let’s be clear: Today’s Democrats, the most left-wing party in U.S. history, are responsible for threatening individual rights. In our many

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