federal courts

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona House of Representatives Celebrates Successful Intervention in Cases to Defend State Laws and Fight Against Federal Overreach

Members of the Arizona House of Representatives of the 56th Legislature have been in office less than four months but have already achieved major court victories, under Speaker Toma’s leadership and united with the State Senate. The 56th Legislature’s victories include: Mi Familia Vota v. Fontes et al. – Election Integrity: On April 26, a federal court granted Speaker Toma’s

Criminal Justice Reform

Why Merrick Garland’s Police Reform Approach Will Be Useless

Merrick Garland is the new U.S. attorney general. But will things change under his leadership? He weighed in on police reform during his Senate Judiciary hearing, and it was enough to give any criminal justice advocate a headache. He discussed some great ideas: The potential for increased police investigations led by the Justice Department and criminal prosecution

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