Criminal Justice Reform

Opinion: Thousands of Texans Would Benefit from a “Clean Slate”

A Texas coalition comprised of advocates, faith leaders, and the business community recently announced support for legislation that would automate and expand record clearing eligibility for those with criminal history records. Right now, over 726,000 Texans face barriers to employment, housing, and education due to a criminal record. While felony convictions carry the most significant


Recreational marijuana sales race ahead, but industry equity falls behind

Sales of recreational marijuana are surging at Arizona retailers that, after selling medical marijuana for nearly a decade, now accommodate a crop of new customers the state estimates could push revenue to $1 billion in two years. Dispensaries in the state started recreational sales Jan. 22, after Arizona became one of four states to legalize recreational


Opinion: Millions Bear the Stigma of a Marijuana Conviction — It’s Time to Expunge Them

More than 20 million Americans have been arrested for violating marijuana laws since 1970, and despite the enactment of cannabis liberalization policies in dozens of states over the last two decades, more than half a million Americans are still arrested annually for marijuana possession offenses. As a result, millions of Americans continue to bear the stigma and


What happens before recreational marijuana becomes legal in AZ?

Recreational use of marijuana will soon be legal in Arizona, thanks to the easy passage of Proposition 207, but economic and logistical hurdles remain before Arizonans will feel the effects. The measure – approved by more than 60% of voters in unofficial results from Nov. 3 – decriminalizes recreational marijuana use and possession for those

Legal Beat

Arizona on path to approve Prop 207 to legalize marijuana, clear criminal records

Arizona voters appeared poised to approve the legalization of recreational marijuana, with the Associated Press declaring the measure had passed Tuesday night. The measure also would allow certain marijuana offenders to seek to have their criminal records expunged. Proposition 207 would give adults 21 and older the right to possess an ounce of marijuana, although