Rich Lowry

Opinion: Kevin McCarthy’s task – Rich Lowry

Kevin McCarthy may now have the hardest job in Washington. Assuming that he becomes speaker of the House, which will require the near-unanimous support of his caucus and isn’t necessarily a forgone conclusion, he’s signing up for the most miserable experience of any congressional leader since John Boehner barely controlled a Republican House majority in


Treasury Secretary Yellen expects inflation to ‘remain high’ – Associated Press

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged Tuesday that she and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell “could have used a better word” than “transitory” when describing the expected run of inflation in the U.S. economy. She added that she was hopeful it would soon be on the decline. “I do expect inflation to remain high although I


Opinion: Happy, Disappointed, Still Worrying? Election Results Not Exactly What We Expected.

Republicans may have lost the presidency, but their mood has been generally positive. Democrats won the presidency but — except shortly after Joe Biden was declared president-elect — their mood has been tempered. What happened? Psychologically the answer has more to do with expectations than actual outcomes. Given political polls that predicted a decisive presidential

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