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Creation Corner

Creation Corner – Hank Giesecke

David speaks with Hank Giesecke, retired engineer and missionary, about our lost Christian heritage and what must be done to restore it. The order that is found in the universe and in all living things is discussed and shown to be a powerful evidence for creation and against evolutionary theory.

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Jay Seegert

David speaks with Jay Seegert from Wisconsin about his book, Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?,  and his ministry, The Starting Point Project. We all have a starting point, or worldview, that defines our beliefs and which we interpret everything else that we learn and experience. Jay is a professional creation speaker, and goes

Creation Corner

Creation Corner: David Peeples

David speaks with David Peeples about his book, The Mystery of Life, What’s it All About? Discovering the Truth in a Skeptical World  Hear the difference between micro and macro evolution and why the evolutionary theory could not have happened.


Creationists To Discuss Science and the Bible

The  Prescott chapter of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA)  has  announced that Jay Seegert,  nationally recognized speaker on Creation Science will give a talk on the scientific evidence for creation at the next AzOSA  meeting on Sunday  afternoon, November 8th. Mr. Seegert will address the question of belief  in the Biblical account of creation and other events

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