Drag story hour hosts, under attack, dig in their heels – Associated Press

Protesters pray outside a library in New York City as Flame, a drag queen sporting a bright wig and a red gown, entertains the children inside by singing the ABCs, leading a coloring activity and reading books about how it’s OK to be different. Outside Chicago, protesters harass parents attending storytime with their children and

Ben Shapiro

Opinion: It’s Time for the Market Pushback to Begin – Ben Shapiro

This week, The Walt Disney Company, which has approximately 200,000 employees spanning the globe, decided to radically reshape its politics in response to a tiny contingent of radical activists. According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Bob Chapek had steadfastly refused to embroil his company in the politics of the various states and countries


Renaissance Festival Welcomed Back By Many

Photo: Tartanic After COVID silenced the Arizona Renaissance Festival for the first time since it began back in 1989, this year the people have returned in large numbers, which is good for everyone involved. The 51 acre festival fairgrounds features 16 stages and is located outside of Florence, south of Apache Junction, and runs through


Unemployment dips in Arizona for December, but jobs are still tight

As COVID-19 pummels away in Arizona, unemployment in the state dipped slightly in December, with the restaurant and entertainment industries continuing to take the hardest hits. The state unemployment rate was 7.5% last month, compared with 8% in November, putting Arizona among 20 states with the good fortune to post December decreases, according to the

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