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Opinion: We Are Creating Our Own Electricity Crisis – Inside Sources

There’s growing alarm that the top-down push for America to transition to renewable energy is surgically dismantling our existing electrical grid and its capacity to provide reliable power when needed. Blackouts in California and Texas weren’t anomalies. As one energy regulator warned, there should have been a national wakeup call for a system in crisis. From


Opinion: Closing Coal Plants Is Becoming Big Business and a Disaster for Consumers

If you think the accelerating pivot to renewable energy is all about cleaning up, think again. An increasing number of utilities are under mounting pressure from Wall Street and their shareholders to spend and pass the costs of new wind turbines, solar farms, and transmission infrastructure off to their ratepayers. New projects mean new guaranteed


Opinion: Biden’s Environmental Plan Needs a Reality Check

The closest President Trump came to laying a glove on former Vice President Joe Biden in their first debate was on the environment. Biden’s published clean energy plan — which is more a gushing hydrant of wishes — is somewhat incoherent, certainly expensive at $2 trillion, and looks counterproductive. It is built on the left-wing