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Hundreds of GOP members sign onto Texas-led election lawsuit

The Texas lawsuit asking the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory has quickly become a conservative litmus test, as 106 members of Congress and multiple state attorneys general signed onto the case even as some have predicted it will fail. The last-gasp bid to subvert the results of the Nov. 3 election


Election Integrity & Legislative Malpractice

[Reprinted with permission from the American Post-Gazette – Editor] It is right that Representative Mark Finchem and fellow members of the House and Senate conduct a hearing on election integrity, something that the Speaker of the House and Senate President should have done immediately when evidence gave rise to a reasonable suspicion of fraud; but


An Open Letter to Arizona

[Editor’s note: This is a press release from Congressman Paul Gosar.] As I write this, I am in our nation’s Capital attending to legislative business, but I remain focused on what is happening in our country regarding our election. In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump fell victim to a heinous crime that had never before been


That’s awkward: Trump touts Arizona election review that won’t happen

When the Trump campaign announced Tuesday that the Arizona Legislature would hold a public meeting next week to review this year’s elections, there was just one problem. Nobody told state lawmakers. “There is no legitimacy to that claim and there are no hearings being held on that issue on Monday or any other day,” said


Opinion: New Report Finds Tens of Thousands of Cases of Possible Election Fraud

One of the constant refrains from those who oppose election reforms designed to protect the security and integrity of the voting process is that serious fraud is a myth. But as a shocking new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) shows, those naysayers could not be more wrong. PILF’s report, “Critical Condition,” highlights the severity

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