Ways to Help You Cut Costs For Your Trucking Business

Every business owner knows the challenge of keeping their doors open and maintaining their budget. Trucking companies can have a very difficult time keeping everything in order due to the sheer cost of their operations. In fact, the average trucking company spends most of their total revenue to afford their expenses. Although this number is

Social Security and You

Customers Give SSA a Thumbs Up – Social Security and You

Q: In a recent column, you highlighted some harsh words from a guy who was critical of the government in general and the Social Security Administration in particular. I just wanted to tell you that my recent experience with the SSA filing a claim for retirement benefits could not have gone more smoothly. I used


Opinion: Mind the Dead Hand of Bad Regulation – Inside Sources

It is argued that if the Titan submersible had been certified (read “peer-reviewed”), the deadly accident, which killed all five on board, wouldn’t have taken place. That may or not be true. Now there are calls for adventurism tourism to be regulated. I submit that if it is subject to regulation (read “licensing”), there will

John Stossel

Opinion: Better Flying – John Stossel

Your flight is delayed? Blame your government. OK, it’s not always government’s fault. Sometimes it’s weather or mechanical problems. But often we suffer horrible flight delays because politicians won’t relinquish power. In January, flights were grounded when the government’s “Notice to Air Missions” system broke down. That was just the latest incident. America rightly prides


HOLY COW! HISTORY: Mussolini and Those Tardy Trains

Think quick: When you hear the name Benito Mussolini, what comes to mind? Bad guy. Bellicose. Bald. The man who styled himself Il Duce (The Leader) was all those. And more. Yet 77 years after he was shot and hanged upside down before an angry mob in the ruins of a bombed-out Milan gas station,

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