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Opinion: How Over-Tourism Hit This Summer – Inside Sources

Europe reeled this summer from heat, wildfires, migrants and worries about Russia’s war in Ukraine, and too much tourism. I know; I was part of the problem. Tourism is the quick economic fix for poor nations, but it is also vital to rich ones — until both get too much of it. The places everyone


Opinion: New Taxes on Oil and Gas Could Cause Economic Pain in Alaska and Across America – Inside Sources

This article originally appeared at As the Biden administration escalates its crusade against American energy, perhaps no state has more to lose than Alaska, where the oil industry and its tax dollars are responsible for up to a third of the state’s economic output and a quarter of its jobs. But some lawmakers in Juneau are considering taking a page out of


Millions of U.S. Jobs Are at Risk From Climate Policy – Inside Sources

Five and a half. That’s the percentage of full- and part-time jobs in the U.S. economy attributable directly and indirectly to fossil fuels—a massive number, just under eleven million in total. Those figures are from a timely report demonstrating just how much the U.S. benefits from fossil fuel-related employment—and how much it stands to potentially

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