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DHS tightens vaccination requirements for travelers at border crossings

The Department of Homeland Security began requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination over the weekend for essential as well as nonessential travel across the U.S.-Mexico border. The tougher requirement that took effect Saturday had been expected since last fall, when the government reopened the border to nonessential travel after nearly 20 months of pandemic restrictions. But it raised


Los Angeles weighs phasing out oil and gas drilling

The University Park neighborhood of Los Angeles has a lot in common with urban areas across the U.S.: A dense population with lots of businesses and housing. A cluster of car dealerships. A row of restaurants. Schools and a community center. But nestled in the predominantly Latino community is something rarely found in urban areas


Opinion: Proposal Could Help Cities Recover from Pandemic’s Impact

Cities across the country are witnessing one of the pandemic’s long-term consequences: Reduced workforce in city centers. With many companies electing to downsize or not renew their office leases, thousands of small businesses that were sustained by the flow of the 9-to-5 workforce have had no choice but to close their doors for good –

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