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Only 17 percent of free-flowing rivers are protected, new research shows

The percentage of free-flowing river kilometers that are within protected areas within major river basins (Level 4 basins, as defined by HydroSHEDS). Credit: World Wildlife Fund. New science about the fate of freshwater ecosystems released today by the journal Sustainability finds that only 17 percent of rivers globally are both free-flowing and within protected areas, leaving many of


Governor Ducey Signs Historic Water Protection Legislation

Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to ensure clean water in nearly 800 Arizona streams, lakes and rivers that are critical for drinking, fishing and recreation. “Living in the desert, the value of water is something we in Arizona know well, and we have taken great steps to protect it, including the Groundwater Management Act and


Lead in Drinking Water: What are the Health Risks and How to Prevent It

Lead is a highly toxic bluish gray metal that gets into drinking water via lead pipes, faucets, and fixtures. If ingested in the body, lead can wreak havoc to the central nervous system and nearly every organ in the body. Lead Pipes Are Ancient History Lead has been used for centuries to create water pipelines

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