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Trump search inventory reveals new details from FBI seizure – Associated Press

Along with highly classified government documents, the FBI agents who searched former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate found dozens of empty folders marked classified but with nothing inside and no explanation of what might have been there, according to a more detailed inventory of the seized material made public on Friday. The agents also found

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Trump search: What may come next in inquiry with legal peril – Associated Press

A newly released FBI document helps flesh out the contours of an investigation into classified material at former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate. But plenty of questions remain, especially because half the affidavit, which spelled out the FBI’s rationale for searching the property, was blacked out. That document, which the FBI submitted so it could

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FBI: Trump mixed top secret docs with magazines, other items – Associated Press

Photo: Pages from the affidavit by the FBI in support of obtaining a search warrant  Fourteen of the 15 boxes recovered from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate early this year contained classified documents, many of them top secret, mixed in with miscellaneous newspapers, magazines and personal correspondence, according to an FBI affidavit released Friday.

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Judge orders unsealing of redacted affidavit in Trump search – Associated Press

A judge ordered the Justice Department on Thursday to make public a redacted version of the affidavit it relied on when federal agents searched the Florida estate of former President Donald Trump to look for classified documents. The directive from U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart came hours after federal law enforcement officials submitted under seal

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Trump seeks special master to review Mar-a-Lago documents – Associated Press

Photo: A court filing by lawyers for former President Donald Trump is photographed Monday, Aug. 22, 2022, as lawyers ask a federal judge to prevent the FBI from continuing to review documents recovered from his Florida estate until a neutral special master can be appointed Lawyers for former President Donald Trump asked a federal judge


Trump’s long shadow keeps 2024 hopefuls from Iowa State Fair – Associated Press

Photo: Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks to the media during a visit to the Iowa State Fair Texas Sen. Ted Cruz raised the roasted turkey leg like a sword in his Iowa State Fair debut in 2014, the up-and-coming conservative joining a half-dozen other Republican presidential prospects in strolling the Grand Concourse. Four years

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