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Biden banning Russia from US airspace because of Ukraine

President Joe Biden will vow to make Vladimir Putin “pay a price” for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his first State of the Union address, rallying allies abroad while also outlining his plans at home to fight inflation and the fading but still dangerous coronavirus. In addition to recounting U.S. and allied economic sanctions against

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State of the Union: Biden speech comes amid crises, setbacks

The last time President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress, he said the country was “ready for takeoff” after a period of plague and strife. It’s been a more turbulent flight than expected. Biden is scheduled to deliver his first State of the Union speech on Tuesday night at a moment when he’


We Have No Dog in The Ukraine Fight – Rep. Paul Gosar

During a rare press conference appearance last week, Joe Biden came out of hiding and green-lighted a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  During the question-and-answer-session, Joe Biden created a full-blown international incident when, paraphrasing, he openly said he would be okay with Russia making a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Russia continues to amass a military buildup along Ukraine’s eastern border, something it has done for years, but this time appears

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