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Family Maximum Doesn’t Apply to Couples – Social Security and You

I frequently get questions from soon-to-be retirees who have heard about a “family maximum” that applies to Social Security benefits, and they are afraid that rule will reduce the benefits they are due as a couple. So, here is the message of this column: The family maximum rules do not apply to a husband and

Social Security and You

Don’t Blame the Government — Blame Yourself

Sometimes people will write to me complaining that the government, specifically the Social Security Administration, has messed up and cheated them out of benefits they might have been due. But many times, the fault (to trivialize a famous line from Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar”) is not in our government, but in ourselves. Here are some

Social Security and You

The Best Social Security Book I’ve Ever Read

I just finished reading the best book about Social Security that I have ever read. In just under 100 pages, the author explains everything you’d probably ever need to know about our nation’s bedrock social insurance program. If you are someone pushing retirement age who wants to know when and how to file for benefits,

Social Security and You

More Questions About Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: I have been getting Social Security disability benefits since 2010. I am coming up on my 62nd birthday and would like to know if I can file for regular Social Security and get higher retirement benefits. Also, I have a 14-year-old daughter who is currently getting benefits on my disability record. Will she get


Veterans took an especially bad hit during the pandemic

Navy veteran Faron Smith Jr. reacts as he receives a COVID-19 vaccination at a Veterans Administration pop-up vaccination site on April 17, 2021, in Gardena, Calif. Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)  Jamie Rowen, University of Massachusetts Amherst As the nation takes a day to memorialize its military dead, living military veterans are facing a

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