Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking – Carrie Ann Apap

When speaking of hypnosis, I like to think of the opportunity to heal. I was recently asked to look at a way I could possibly help Hospice patients and their families. Remembering my training in “Healing Through Grief” as part of my medical hypnosis certification, I was reminded of how grief is really a natural


Opinion: Veterans Org Urges More in Fight Against Suicide – Inside Sources

While the Department of Defense has created an independent committee to assess its efforts to prevent suicide in the ranks of the military, at least one organization says more needs to be done. Warrior Call, a nonprofit organization working to prevent veteran suicide, is urging Defense to take action on mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) sustained by


Opinion: Social Media at 25 — a Mental Health Checkup – Inside Sources

Twenty-five years ago, the age of social media began with the launch of, a website that allowed users to create custom profiles. At the time, many of us were not aware of what was going on, but this moment marked an important turning point in the way we would communicate and consume information, and for

Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking

I’m often asked if children can benefit from hypnosis. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, prior to the age of seven, children are in a constant state of hypnosis and absorb everything around them. They are watching and learning from their family and environment– just about everything they come in contact with. Their


Arizona schools address COVID’s impact on student mental health

In a small classroom with brick walls and dimmed lights, six students at BASIS Chandler sit quietly as they watch a presentation about mental health. “What could happen if someone with a mental health issue doesn’t get treatment?” asks Katy-Marie Becker, a behavioral health nurse educator for Banner Health. A student raises her hand. “Um,

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