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Social Security and You

Don’t Fall For Catchy and Scary Headlines – Social Security

I guess I picked a bad title when I called my little guidebook “Social Security: Simple and Smart.” I’ll never attract readers and get rich with a boring title like that. Instead, I should have called it something like: “Buy This Book and Gets Thousands in Extra Social Security Benefits!” Or maybe, “Social Security Secrets

Social Security and You

There’s a Reason for All the Rules

Image by Gillian Callison from Pixabay Sometimes readers take me to task for not explaining a particular facet of the law when I write a column about some Social Security topic or another. I usually respond by pointing out that if I tried to cover every “if, and or but” associated with whatever Social Security

Social Security and You

You’re Not Being Cheated by Social Security

I guess there just must be something about the human psyche that makes so many people feel they’re being cheated out of something that everyone else gets. And if my emails are any indication, that’s especially true when it comes to older adults and Social Security. So many of them seem to be convinced that

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