Gun Control

Emboldened Biden, Dems push ban on so-called assault weapons – Associated Press

When President Joe Biden speaks about the “scourge” of gun violence, his go-to answer is to zero in on so-called assault weapons. America has heard it hundreds of times, including this week after shootings in Colorado and Virginia: The president wants to sign into law a ban on high-powered guns that have the capacity to


In California, 10% of Legislature now identifies as LGBTQ – Associated Press

Photo: Members of the California state Assembly meet at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif. While LGBTQ candidates and their supporters celebrated several milestone victories around the nation in this year’s midterm elections, California quietly reached its own: At least 10% of its state lawmakers identify publicly as LGBTQ, believed to be a first for any

David Harsanyi

Opinion: Contra Conventional Wisdom, There Is Little Evidence Abortion Hurt Republicans – David Harsanyi

By any measure, Democrats exceeded expectations this midterm. Though listening to the triumphalism today, you’d think Joe Biden was Hannibal at Cannae. A fractured Republican Party has won the House, which means the agenda portion of Biden’s first term is effectively over (save the executive abuse). As expected, though, the lazy Dobbs-sunk-the-GOP narrative quickly solidified

Buz Blog

Opinion: Democrat Election Schemes – Buz Williams

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancy, 1816 With the midterm elections still in question while votes are still being counted here in Arizona, and in Nevada and Georgia, many of us were disappointed

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Democrats, Not ‘Democracy,’ at Risk Today – Patrick Buchanan

“Make no mistake — democracy is on the ballot for us all.” So declaiming in his Union Station speech to the nation on the real stakes in the 2022 elections, President Joe Biden, who was immediately echoed by Barack Obama, painted himself and his party into a corner. For if Trump Republicans carry the day

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