Democratic Convention


Latinos criticize lack of prominent roles at Democratic convention

For Hispanic Democrats upset with what they see as a failure to adequately feature Latinos in the just-ended Democratic National Convention, one set of numbers was particularly striking. John Kasich, the Republican former governor of Ohio, got four minutes to speak, while Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, got just 60 seconds. For Joseph Garcia, director


Biden vows to defeat Trump, end US ‘season of darkness’

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic presidential nomination with a vow to be a unifying “ally of the light” who would move an America in crisis past the chaos of President Donald Trump’s tenure. In his strongest remarks of the campaign, Biden spoke Thursday night both of returning the United States to its traditional leadership role


Thousands in Arizona join virtual watch parties of virtual convention

They couldn’t provide the balloons, but organizers of hundreds of virtual watch parties did provide the camaraderie for thousands of Arizonans who gathered around their laptops to watch the Democratic National Convention this week. Organizers at Mission for Arizona said they coordinated close to 200 virtual watch parties this week. The online gatherings drew an


Whose party is it?: Democrats cite Republican support for Biden

Longtime Arizona Republican Daniel Barker wants you to know that there is much in the Democratic platform that he disagrees with – but that won’t keep him from voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden this fall. “One of the things that troubles us the most about our current president is just that these principles


Arizona teacher gets turn in spotlight, as Democrats officially nominate Biden

When it came time for the Arizona delegation to announce its votes for the next Democratic presidential nominee Tuesday, the job fell to middle school teacher Marisol Garcia. Who spent much of her allotted 30 seconds in the national spotlight talking about the reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was part of an unorthodox


A convention without convening: Democrats open virtual nominating event

Tucson Democrat Hope Busto-Keyes has been to political conventions before, but she’s never been to one like the Democratic National Convention that kicked off Monday. And neither has anyone else. Rather than convening thousands during the COVID-19 pandemic, the convention to nominate Joe Biden this year has largely shifted online. Gone are the parties, the

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