Opinion: Congress Needs to Safeguard Healthcare Information – Inside Sources

n an era marked by powerful adversaries and increasing cyber threats, elected representatives and professionals in the healthcare industry must work across party lines to address a critical issue that affects everyone: cybersecurity in healthcare. We rely more than ever on advanced technology for our national defense and daily lives. From financial institutions to gas


Opinion: How a Free and Open Internet Can Check China’s Ambitions – Inside Sources

The United States has led the world for 30 years in advocating for and advancing a free and open internet. This vision, deeply rooted in American values, has radically democratized information, given a voice to billions, spurred opportunity and entrepreneurship on a global scale, and made education and learning more accessible than at any time


Opinion: What’s Causing America’s Widespread Worsening? – Inside Sources

How can so many things be going wrong in America at the same time?  Only one cause-effect dynamic is as universal, and time and technology are coincident. That cause-effect is the 1990’s internet “unaccountability” policy and its outcomes. It causes worsening because approved anarchy online empowers bad actors with impunity. It’s widespread because everyone uses the internet


Cyber experts were braced for Russian attacks before Biden’s warning – Cronkite News

When President Joe Biden told business leaders recently that it was their “patriotic obligation” to protect their networks from likely Russian cyberattacks, security officials in Arizona agreed with a nod – and a shrug. “It’s kind of like preaching to Noah about floods,” said Frank Grimmelmann, CEO of Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance Inc. “Our members were

Healthcare industry

Personalized Medicine: 5 Challenges The Healthcare Industry Is Facing

With the surge of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is facing serious challenges you can’t fathom. These challenges have created a significant impact worldwide. putting everyone under strict protocols and regulations. Healthcare plays an important role in securing the safety and well-being of everyone in the society, as well as the nation’s economic growth. If


Governor Ducey Launches Arizona’s New Cyber Command Center

Governor Doug Ducey today launched Arizona’s new Cyber Command Center at a ceremony at the Department of Public Safety’s Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) in Phoenix. “Cybersecurity is homeland security. Our society is becoming increasingly interconnected through technology, and cybersecurity has become one of the most important issues facing Arizona,” said Governor Ducey. “This

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