As COVID-19 testing numbers rise, Embry Health hopes to expand services

The waiting line for Embry Health’s COVID-19 testing at Mesa Community College is a labyrinth of orange traffic cones guiding cars to a designated point where a health care worker takes down drivers and passengers’ personal information. A nose is swabbed. The car leaves. The process is repeated. It’s in such parking lots across Arizona

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The Status of the Arizona Forensic Audit

The below communication comes from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann in the matter of the Maricopa County Forensic Evaluation. Please know that while President Fann is most proper sending and informing citizens, in no way does this imply the Formal Forensic Findings will not be delivered or have been compromised. The Due Diligence of the


Opinion – Cuomo: Right Punishment, Wrong Crime

This is what I wrote on Twitter when I heard about the results of the investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s extra (and intra) curricular activities in office: “Cuomo sexually harassed female employees. Oily little paisan. But this should not be the stake through his heart. He caused the deaths of elderly New Yorkers. This is


Fed’s Powell downplays delta variant’s threat to the economy

The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant is raising infections, leading some companies and governments to require vaccinations and raising concerns about the U.S. economic recovery. But on Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell injected a note of reassurance, suggesting that the delta variant poses little threat to the economy, at least so far. “What


Stocks skid as virus fears shake markets; Dow falls 2.1%

Resurgent pandemic worries knocked stocks lower from Wall Street to Tokyo on Monday, fueled by fears that a faster-spreading variant of the virus may upend the economy’s strong recovery. The S&P 500 fell 68.67, or 1.6%, to 4,258.49, after setting a record just a week earlier. In another sign of worry, the yield on the

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