Opinion: Courageous Judges Uphold Religious Liberty – Inside Sources

Over the last several weeks, courts across America have gradually and methodically reviewed — and ultimately rejected — federally imposed vaccine mandates. From President Biden’s attempted takeover of private businesses through OSHA to a requirement for federal employees to be vaccinated, courts are finally awakening from the COVID-induced fever dream that the God-given rights of

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Opinion: What Do We Do Now?

Because of the election on Tuesday and since the results are being contested, this column wasn’t started until Thursday, November 5, 2020. Some of the cable so-called news channels announced that Arizona and a few other states were won by former Vice President Joe Biden before all the votes were counted. There are still several

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Judges and the Will of the People

All politicians and political parties tend to bend their rhetoric and legislative voting toward public opinion (or the opinion of their base). More often than not, they will do this in spite of any long held moral tenets, certainly not because of them. It is easier to get elected or reelected by swaying with what

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