Opinion: How One Biden Tax Proposal Will Hit the Middle Class Hard

President Joe Biden’s forthcoming “Made in America Tax Plan” is designed to pay for his $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan. Details are forthcoming as part of the president’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. Last year, candidate Biden promised to repeal the “Trump Tax Cuts” that lowered tax rates for everyone and especially corporations. Biden also promised not to


Pressure mounts on corporations to denounce GOP voting bills

Liberal activists are stepping up calls for corporate America to denounce Republican efforts to tighten state voting laws, and businesses accustomed to cozy political relationships now find themselves in the middle of a growing partisan fight over voting rights. Pressure is mounting on leading companies in Texas, Arizona and other states, particularly after Major League


Opinion: Biden’s Environmental Plan Needs a Reality Check

The closest President Trump came to laying a glove on former Vice President Joe Biden in their first debate was on the environment. Biden’s published clean energy plan — which is more a gushing hydrant of wishes — is somewhat incoherent, certainly expensive at $2 trillion, and looks counterproductive. It is built on the left-wing

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