Opinion: Geoeconomic Fragmentation Could Destroy The Global Economy – Inside Sources

Prominent officials such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and European Bank President Christien Lagarde tell us that the global trading system is collapsing. The International Monetary Fund has even given a new name for the policy-driven reversal of global economic integration: “geoeconomic fragmentation.”  It is important to put “geoeconomic fragmentation” in historical perspective. There have


Opinion: A Warped Approach to Competition in the Alcohol Industry – Inside Sources

Since President Biden issued an “Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy” two years ago, his administration has aggressively sought to combat what it sees as excessive market concentration in the U.S. economy. There is no denying that a robust competitive marketplace delivers real benefits for consumers, but the administration’s efforts have, at


Opinion: Sabotaging America’s Dominance of Critical Technologies – Inside Sources

Biden recently warned that America is losing its technological edge. “We used to rank number one in the world in research and development,” he said. “Now, we rank number nine. China was number eight decades ago; now they are number two. And other countries are closing in fast.”  The president’s concerns are fully justified, but

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