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Affirmative Action

From Bakke to Fisher, evolution of affirmative action cases – Associated Press

Photo: Allan Bakke is hooded by his wife before receiving his degree in medicine during graduation ceremonies at the University of California at Davis, Calif., on June 4, 1982 The Supreme Court will take up the issue of affirmative action again Monday — the second time in six years — but with the conservative majority

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action under threat as high court hears UNC case – Associated Press

Photo: Students walk through the quad outside the student union at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Once a bastion of segregation, the University of North Carolina now takes account of race to make up for its sordid history and to increase the number of black students and other underrepresented minorities on campus.

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court poised to keep marching to right in new term – Associated Press

In this image provided by the Supreme Court, members of the Supreme Court pose for a photo during Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s formal investiture ceremony at the Supreme Court in Washington, Friday, Sept. 30, 2022 With public confidence diminished and justices sparring openly over the institution’s legitimacy, the Supreme Court on Monday will begin


SAT going digital in shifting college admissions landscape

The SAT exam will move from paper and pencil to a digital format, administrators announced Tuesday, saying the shift will boost its relevancy as more colleges make standardized tests optional for admission. Test-takers will be allowed to use their own laptops or tablets but they’ll still have to sit for the test at a monitored

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