The Zany Sage

Unclutter your waist

Can clutter cause weight gain? You betcha! The weight loss industry is HUGE. I just did a quick Google of the topic and found that we’re talking over 72 BILLION in the US alone. We’re talking a lot of protein shakes, keto diets and unused gym memberships. But yet obesity rates continue to climb. I believe this amount

The Zany Sage

Meet Your Fantasy Self

We’ve all got ‘em! And they love to collect stuff. They are great at vision casting and can be very creative. But they can also be negative and critical, even accusatory. I’m talking about your fantasy self. And they may play a significant role in your struggle with clutter and disorganization. This is the part

The Zany Sage

What’s Buried in YOUR Clutter?

“So THAT’S where that went!”  I often hear this when I’m working with an organizing client.  It’s one of the benefits clients are often not aware of when they hire a professional organizer-they find things they thought were long gone. Or they will find duplicates (ahem or triplicates or…eh, you get the point) of other

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