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Opinion: Why Wait, Resign Now – Buz Williams

Photo: (from left to right), School Superintendent Joe Howard, Clark Tenney On Friday, October 28, 2022, I attended a Prescott Unified School Governing Board meeting at their headquarters on Gurley Street. I wanted to attend this meeting because I heard that the Governing Board was going to discuss a plan for replacing Superintendent Joe Howard who

Prescott Unified School District

PUSD: Will They Ever Learn? – Arizona Independent

PUSD Superintendent Emails Show Intent To Avoid Consequences Of Election [Editor’s Note: Prescott eNews thanks Arizona Independent for the permission to republish this article.] Less than a week after releasing a bombshell memo that appeared to show a senior Prescott Unified School District administrator leveraging taxpayer money to force employees to get the COVID shot,

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Opinion: Is There Fraud at PUSD? – Buz Williams

When COVID struck, it enabled those who longed for power to exert it over others. Nationally this virus pandemic encouraged Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Center for Disease Control, big Pharma and big Tech to flex their bureaucratic muscles and restrict the rights of Americans. All of these groups had one thing in common: they were


Clark Tenney Selected By Council to Serve in Seat Vacated by Billie Orr

With a 6-0 vote, Prescott City Council today selected Clark Tenney to serve in the seat that was vacated by Billie Orr on January 19, 2021.   Mr. Tenney will serve the remainder of the term, until November, 2023. Clark Tenney was sworn in immediately following the selection meeting, and will attend his first City Council

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