Chinese Dominance


Opinion: China Has the World by the GEMs – Inside Sources

While the world has surged ahead to invest in a greener future, China’s energy dominance and forward-thinking strategy — coupled with key alliances with resource-rich nations — present a grave threat to U.S. interests. Despite recent commitments of more than $500 billion to clean energy in the Inflation Reduction Act, the United States still lags


US seeks new lithium sources as demand for batteries grows

Photo: A Tesla battery pack is displayed during a media tour (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File) The race is on to produce more lithium in the United States. The U.S. will need far more lithium to achieve its clean energy goals — and the industry that mines, extracts and processes the chemical element is poised to


Opinion: Biden Admin Chaos Crosses Over to Military Chain of Command

If we wondered how seriously President Joe Biden takes national defense, we need only look at the nomination of a candidate to become the next vice-chairman of the joint chiefs of staff within weeks of seeing the current occupant go into retirement. While it may seem that this is a belt-way issue, the vice-chairman is the


Opinion: EV Tax Credit Puts Consumers – And America – In the Driver’s Seat

President Joe Biden’s legacy-defining infrastructure and budget bills have had a rough week. But the media’s skepticism and Republican schadenfreude belie both a miscalculation of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political savvy as well as a misunderstanding of the profound impact that Biden’s Build Back Better agenda can have on the American economy and American families for

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