Today: September 29, 2023 12:40 pm

checks and balances


Opinion: James Madison and the American Colonization Society

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] Now that David French is gone, Jay Nordlinger may be the worst writer at National Review. One can always count on him to defend the most useless points


Opinion: Why Can Negligent Doctors Still Practice?

When we visit a doctor, our default belief is that they are remarkably well-trained, highly-skilled, and extremely responsible professionals. We want to embrace this belief because it makes us feel better, but also because absent clear indicators to the contrary, this is what our society has trained us to believe. Doctors are good (absolutely –


Opinion: Sens. Manchin and Sinema are Right to Protect the Filibuster

Since reclaiming the Senate majority, most Democrats have been relentless in their pursuit of eliminating the filibuster to pass their sweeping progressive agenda.  The push to kill the filibuster stands in stark contrast to how our Senate has operated since our country’s birth. One of the core tenets of our legislative branch is bipartisanship –

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