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Secure Your Future with a Trust Attorney

Image by succo from Pixabay As you plan for your future, it’s essential to consider the potential need for a trust lawyer. A trust lawyer is a legal professional specializing in creating and managing trusts, which are legal arrangements that allow you to transfer assets to your beneficiaries in a controlled and efficient manner. Trusts


Elon Musk’s $5.7B donation sparks questions about giving

Leave it to Elon Musk to stir up controversy without saying — or tweeting — a word. In November, according to a regulatory filling, the Tesla CEO donated to charity about 5 million shares of company stock, worth $5.7 billion. Since the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission was made public Monday, Tesla hasn’t

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A New Holiday Tradition

As a minimalist, the idea of some dude dropping off packages in my home is unsettling.  And the thought that “he knows when you’ve been sleeping, etc..” sounds stalkerish to me.  But you’ll hear no “bah humbug” coming out of my mouth because I love Christmas! But I love the day after Christmas, too.  No,